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Speedy Pro Roofing is hands down your best option for a roofer in Bristol, TN. We have over 30 years of experience in the field of roofing and in that time, have learned how to install and maintain quality roofs that last. We are proud of the work that we do on a daily basis around Sullivan County!

We understand the local weather and housing conditions of Bristol intimately and can work around them. Bristol gets significantly more snow when compared to other areas of Tennessee, so your roof needs to hold up, not just to summer storms, but during the winter months as well. We work only with top-quality materials and offer both asphalt and metal roof installations, so you are sure to find a fitting option for your home.

Whether you need immediate repairs or are embarking on a major re-roofing project, we can help! Contact Speedy Pro Roofing today to speak with an expert.

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We offer a completely free 16-point evaluation of your roof, checking every part of it for potential flaws. Then, we’ll give you a fixed price quote for your service, whether you need a roof repair or replacement.

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Don’t panic if the wind blows a tree over on your roof or a few shingles break! We are available by phone 24/7 and will come as soon as we can. Our roofers in Bristol understand the importance of speedy repairs.

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Roof repairs require the assistance of a professional. If you visually notice any problems with your roof’s flashing, shingles, or soffits, or you see the first signs of a leak inside your home, give Speedy Pro Roofing a call.

Our roofs go through a lot in Bristol. Roof replacements are sometimes necessary due to wear and tear from weather, storm damage, or poor original installation. Our goal is to help you find a roof that can last you a lifetime.

When you’re considering hiring a roofing company in Bristol, look for one like Speedy Pro Roofers that offers a free roof inspection. You’ll see, from our detailed evaluation, exactly what needs to be done to improve your roof.

The gutters around your home should stay in good shape without cracks to ensure your home does not suffer from water damage. We offer gutter repair, replacement, and installation, depending on the condition of your gutters now.

Explore the types of roofs we offer — including metal and asphalt — as well as the additional services we provide, including attic insulation and ventilation. Don’t wait to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

As expert roofers in Bristol, TN, our customers rely on us to answer their general questions about their roofs. Here are a few of the most common questions we get.

The type of roof installation or replacement you should get depends entirely on your needs. Here are a few different factors to consider:
  • Your Current Roof: Do you like your current roof? Are there things you’d like to replicate about it? What about things you’d like to change? This is a good place to start to determine what kind of new roof you’d like.
  • Aesthetics: What do you want your roof to look like? If you’re looking for something classic, an asphalt roof may be your speed. If you’re open to a more rustic look, a metal roof could fit the bill. Metal roofs have, over time, become much more aesthetically pleasing, so you have plenty of choices, even within that singular category.
  • Durability: Roof replacement is expensive, so you want a roof that lasts. Our metal roofs come with an Invest Once guarantee, ensuring you will never have to install another roof again.
Choosing a new roof is ultimately a personal decision, but one that we’re happy to help you with. Call us now at (423) 583-9963 to schedule an evaluation and learn more.

Roof repairs protect your house from costly damage. Timely fixes to your roof can help you avoid structural damage to your home, mold, and a pre-mature need for a roof replacement. Many problems with your roof can lead to leaks, which then can result in water damage, both inside and outside of your home.

This not only has a monetary impact, but it can also affect your health and peace of mind. Mold may grow in your attic or places where you can’t see it due to a roof leak, and certain types of mold cause health problems, especially for people with severe allergies or asthma. A small problem with your roof can also become much larger in a storm, so you may have anxiety any time it rains if you have noticed something wrong. The sense of calm you’ll feel after getting your roof repaired is priceless.

Roof inspections can happen any time of the year in Bristol, but we do recommend requesting them from Speedy Pro Roofing at the first sign something has gone wrong. You may also want to get an inspection after a major storm to be sure nothing has happened to your roof — sometimes problems aren’t immediately visible.

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30+ Years of Experience

You can trust in the time our team members have devoted to learning the industry, training, and developing hands-on experience.

Free 16-Point Evaluation & Quote

We inspect your roof, plan a new roof design, and offer a fixed-price quote, all for free. We commit to the price in the quote!

Lowest Investment Guarantee

If you find a comparable roof that costs less than our quote before installation, reach out to us, and we will match that price.

A Multitude of Options

When installing a new roof, it’s useful to work with a professional with access to many different roofing options for comparison.

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