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Professional Ventilation Contractors

Poor ventilation in your attic will negatively impact your roof and lead to the need for a roof replacement. Speedy Pro Roofing will conduct a free 16-point evaluation that will check for problems caused by poor attic ventilation.

After our thorough inspection, we will share what we have found with you. If there is a ventilation problem, we will correct it during our installation so your new roof will last a lifetime. You can rest easy knowing that the experts from Speedy Pro Roofing will work hard to take care of your home and protect it with an incredibly reliable roof.

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Signs of Poor Attic Ventilation

The Importance of Ventilation

Your home needs to breathe, not only to protect the roof from premature aging but also to ensure that your home stays comfortable. Without proper ventilation, the warm air that rises within your home gets trapped in the attic, increasing the humidity in your home, and worse yet, your energy bills. Without proper ventilation, the lifespan of your roof will dramatically decrease.

Providing Your Home with Healthy Intake

Just like a person, your roof has to breathe in (intake) and breathe out (exhaust). Intake comes from the bottom of the roof through the soffits. Soffits must be vented to allow this to happen and, if they are not, Speedy Pro Roofing has a few solutions.

There are two ways to take care of unventilated soffits. These are:

Effective Exhaust for Your Roof

Once we have taken care of the intake, we must tackle the exhaust. Hot air rises, so the exhaust occurs towards the top of the roof. Fresh air enters the attic and travels up towards the exhaust. The higher on the roof the exhaust is placed, the more effectively the house can “breathe.”

Many roofing companies will use box vents. These box vents, when installed correctly, work. But their appearance is unappealing to most homeowners, and they add extra penetration areas that can lead to leaks over time.

The absolute best way to get proper exhaust is to use high-flow ridge vents. These vents are installed at the peak of the roof and sit under the ridge cap shingles. High-flow ridge vents give the roof a much cleaner and more “finished” look. They do not add any penetrations to the roof. Speedy Pro Roofing only installs high-flow ridge vents to ensure our customers receive the best exhaust system.

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